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My goal to finish 12 art works by the end of summer

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So for my next project, I decided to create a human being from scratch...

...yeah, I am that good at making things: I can make people.

(btw- I am also convinced that this is really bad luck to blog in the 1st trimester!!!)

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Finished the felt circle sconce in the hall (it will look even better once I get the hallway painted...)

11 to go!!

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I love lists- they are so tidy and organized. Here are the projects I am planning to finish:

1. Felted pillow- a cheat b/c I am almost done... but I need to finish this thing!!

2. Felt lamps- making the half globes way cuter for $5

3-12... Big canvas, blurry car lights at night (saw something like it at the Palm Springs Art Museum), and some other half baked ideas...

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This is my good attempt to be accountable for my time this summer (yeah, I know road to hell, paved with 'em)

I plan on completing 12 works of art by the end of the summer.

Here goes nothin' :)

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I just bought an 18" round pendant light from alluminare in the tulip tree linen... I won't get it until August, but it is soooo pretty!!!

We had people over last night Brian (this guy) and his fellow photographer-sweetie Ingrid. I think the house is going to be great for entertaining! (if I have any $ left over from decorating!) Even the bad dog was mostly good:)

Next project= painting this cabinet lacquer white (or ivory- maybe) putting in Japanese paper, and a flat screen t.v.

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if one has to have a smoke alarm, why not a good looking one?

...and why not get it custom matched to your paint color, too?

(I seriously love this thing, but how are custom smoke detectors on the same planet as people who are dying of malnutrition?)

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apologies to karenthephotog and South Park... Puppy in a fish-eye lens!!! (now we just need a little hat)
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2 new things I love:
weegohome in Santa Monica

and this wrought iron outdoor "room"

in other news:

I beat K at Madden (33 to 23) My little men ran around and did some good things, which I would detail here if I had any idea about what happened...

... and the moon room at the Palms has 2 nice balconies (higher than ghostbar), and very strong drinks (my poor head... back to lying in a darkened room, reading dwell magazine...)

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